Good Hair Doesn't Come in a Jar / by Johnny's Barber+Shop

The above is the tagline for our newest product line, ADH Brand. Created by Andrew Does Hair, someone we look up to and regard as a true hair maverick. Johnny’s Barber + Shop is stoked to be the first shop in Calgary to carry this phenomenal line, and we know our guests are going to love it as much as we do.

So why the tag line? Because it’s true – the products you buy and use in your hair are only as good as the cut you have and the techniques you use to tame that mane. If you’ve been to the shop, you know we couldn’t agree more. Best of all, there’s no talk of “hair type.” It will work with whatever you’ve got, if you are willing to put in the effort and style it right. Talk to your barber for the best way to use it in your hair.

“Pre-styling is fundamental,” says Alanna, one of our barbers. “With only two products in the entire line, you know the emphasis is there. Use a comb and blow dryer to create the structure you want, and these products will give you the perfect finish.”

“I honestly believe it’s one of the best product lines on the market right now. Neither of the products have a super unnatural look to them—nothing that looks too product-y,” agrees Michael, another one of our barbers.

The Products:

1) ADH Dry: More matte than a wax, but softer and more pliable than a clay. It adds texture and creates separation while removing the “poofiness” of blow-dried hair. If you put it in damp hair and let it air-dry it, expect a surfer’s texture. More details here.

2) ADH Wet: Water based and medium weight, ADH Wet provides the shine you want without looking greasy. Think of it as a less sticky pomade that will achieve more separation than glueing your hair together. It can be applied wet or damp, but is best blow dried in (see above!). More info here.